Monday, November 12, 2007

Semi-D @RM680,000 Ulu Kelang

Ukay Heights-Jalan Bistari, Freehold, Semi-d with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, B/u 1400sq.ft., L/a 5500sq.ft., Corner Unit, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

Aprt @ RM300,000 Neg Villa Angsana

Jalan ipoh, This 1412 sf unit comes with 4BR & 3B, Call Jackie 012-3716836 between 7am-9pm weekdays.

Shop Office For Rent Wangsa Maju

Many choice units to select, Very good location beside Carrefour, 4 storey 20*80 to let: Grd Floor: RM5.5k, 1st: RM1.8k, 2nd: RM1.5k, 3rd:RM1.2k, Call Kamal 017-3020104

D/sty @ RM550,000 USJ 20

End Lot, Double Storey with 4r3b, A Large Dry and Wet Kitchen, Large Master Bedroom with Balcony, L/a 2550sf, Call Jackie 012-3716836 (7am-9pm Weekdays)

Semi-D @RM750,000 Ulu Kelang

Ukay Heights, Freehold semi-detached with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, Land Area 4800 sq.ft. Corner Unit, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

2 1/2 sty b'glow @ RM3.5M Tropicana

2 1/2 sty b'glow on elevated land, L/a 10,000sf, 6 room incl, a/v, study with water features, B/u 7,000sf, Call Melissa 03-79570017/012-2346110

Semi-Detached @ RM Neg Tmn Oug

Taman Yarl, Semi-D with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, Built-up area 3350sq.ft., Land Area 4900sq.ft., Freehold unit facing south-east. Please call for viewing, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

Kiara Park & Kiara View For Rent @ RM3000 TTDI

3r2b, 1400sf, High Floor, Fully Furnished, Call Sean 012-2020989, Jess 012-4220060

The Residence For Rent @ RM5,800 TTDI

Tastefully renovated and fully furnish with teak furniture, Corner 2,200 sf, Call Ms Eda 012-6253023

2sty B'glow @ RM2.8M TTDI

Renovated with landscape garden. serene, near amenties, L/a 6ksf, B/u 6ksf, Call Florence 03-79570017/016-3660505

2 1/2 sty B'glow @RM Neg Tmn Tun 2 1/2 sty b'glow,

2 1/2 sty b'glow, L/a 11,900sf, B/u 5,500sf, F/H, Spacious garden, Call Janice 03-79570017/012-2684839

Factory Lot For Rent @RM2000-RM2500 Tmn Industri Lembah Jaya

2-sty Factory Lot with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, B/u 22*65/70 or 22*65/70 sq.ft. & high 20 ft., Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

Retail Lot For Sale/Rent @ RM Neg Sg Wang Plaza

338-621sf, good return, tenanted, heavy human traffic, Dont let go this golden opportunity, Call Yap 012-6526855

Retail Space @ RM850,000 Sg Wang Plaza

Retail Space, Built-up area 338sq.ft., Land Area 16*85 sq.ft., Welcome for viewing now, tenanted for RM4,500.00 per month, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

Apt For Rent @RM10,000 Sri Duta II

Off Jalan Duta, 2,800 sf, Fully Furnished with 4 Br & 4b, Facilities-Squash, Sauna, Gym, Swimming Pool, etc. Call Jackie 012-3716836 (between 7am-9pm Weekdays)

2sty B'glow @ Rm2.3M Sierramas Resort

2sty b'glow, renovated, beautiful garden, greenery view, quiet location, L/a 6,000sf, b/u 4,000sf, F/H, Christine 03-79570017/012-3142864

2 1/2 Sty B'glow @RM4.3M Sierramas Resort

L/a 9,600sf, B/u 11,000sf, Beautiful Balinese inspired resort style home with basement car park, Spacious built-up ideal for large families, F/H, Call Janice 03-79570017/012-2684839

2 1/2 Sty B'glow @RM3.1M Sierramas

Set amidst lush and mature gardens, within a guarded and gated sanctuary, L/a: 10,000sf, B/u 6,000sf, Call Angela 03-79570017/017-6602033

3sty B'glow @Rm3.6M Sierramas

3sty EEnglish Tudor design. Ideal for a large family looking for a very secure, private and exclusive resort feel environment, L/a 8,700sf, B/u 10,000sf. F/h, Call Angela 03-79570017/017-6602033

2 1/2 sty B'glow @ Rm1.8M Neg Shah Alam

SEC 2 quiet and peaceful location, 5+1r with attached bath. Open concept kitchen, matured garden with fish pond and pool, L/a 12,000sf, B/u 5,000sf, Call May 03-79570017/012-2143163

2sty Semi-D @ Rm950K Neg Setia Ecopark

Strategic location between Suband & Klang, Ready in early 2007, L/a 3485sf, B/u 3100sf, Call May 03-79570017/012-2143163

2sty B'glow @ Rm1.45M Neg Setia Ecopark

2 sty b'glow, corner unit, Chimaera design, Good for small family, L/a 5248sf, B/U 3901sf, F/H, 4+1RM, Call May 03-79570017/012-2143163

2sty B'glow @ Rm1.45M Neg Setia Ecopark

brand new in gated community, L/a 5248sf, B/u 3900sf, Corner unit, good location, Face south, F/H, Call May 03-79570017/012-2143163

2sty B'glow @ Rm1.38M Neg Setia Ecopark

The latest buzz in Klang Valley. An award winning township that brings nature to your home. L/a 4400sf, 5200sf, Gated and easily accessible via NKVE, F/H, Call May 03-79570017/012-2143163

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Home Secure Practical Devices

Ranging from a simple motion detector to hi-tech hidden cameras, the key is choosing the right ones for your home. You need not spend a fortune, and the lower cost items should be considered before you waste time and effort installing gadgets which are of no use to your house.

These come in a variety of models. Systems work in detecting either motion, sound, or heat and when set off can either send out a siren and flashing light, or/and relay a message directly to a security base that your home is under threat. These are the most common and affordable Idnd of devices in home security. However, how many braes have you actually stopped and alerted police when you hear an alarm going off? Unless you are using an alarm serviced by a security unit, it is vital that you are part of a neighbouthoed watch scheme so that your neighbours can check if it is a false alarm, or not.

For extra safey choose a system that can also be operated manually, so that if you are in and suspect someone is trying to force entry you can set off the alarm. Also, ensure that your keypad code is not obvious or known to anyone but you and the
home occupants.

The high-end systems are those using sound cues, lasers and infra-red (heat-tripped). Unless a burglar knows your keypad cede, there are few thieves that these devices will fail to stump.

These devices are becoming increasingly peputar and affordable. Most set-upa consist of several cameras, and it is ideal to have a combination of those visible (preferably on the outside to deter in the first place) and also hidden cameras, so that a persistent thief who smashes the cameras he sees will ~dll be caught.

For extra peace of mind you may want to consider 'remote monitoring', allowing you to look in on your home through the camera's eye via your personal computer.

Please don't forget the windows when considedng this section, and nut simply those on ground level. A basic lock can be picked in a few seconds; likewise a flimsy padlock can be cut, as can thin bars on a grill door. SophisScatod locks are now available, offeflng resistance to picking and harder rnatoflals. The 'Bi Lock' range has a reputation for being highly resistant to pidedg, with eight- and 12-pins designs, the Bi Lock has up to twice the number of pins compared with conventional locks. Its cylindels are virtually two locks in one. Another plus point is that the keys can only be duplicated in company shops.

The most popblar types of lock are padlocks, deadbolta, and cylindrical locks. However, to enhance security, you can get a more advanced model in any of these. You should always have more than one lock on each door, and it is advisable to always have a deadholt. Doors and doorframes should be made of solid wood or steel There is no point having a secure lock if a thief can simply smash the door surrounding it!

These can come in a range of materials and styles to add beth security and elegance to your home. While some have a simple padlock, depending on your security needs you may also wish to choose a set with an intercom system, working via remote control or a touchpad. In addition, cameras can be placed outside so that you can see the cars approaching your home, as well as motion sensors alerting you of visitors or causing an outdoor light to come on. Whatever you choose, the mere presence of a driveway security gate will act as a deterrent, a visual cue that your home is not burglar-friendly(!)

I would advise every home to have motion-sensitive lights at both the front and back entrances. A doorway provides maximum shadow at night time and is a dream for a burglar to hide in while picking a lock. On top of this, when returning home at night, in fumbling for your key at the dark doorway you yourself are a beme target for attack. Outdoor lights can usually be set to either detect motion or to come on automatically once it is dark.

How Secure is your home??

The odds would suggest that all of us will encounter theft at some point in our lives. If you personally haven't been burgled, I'm sure you know someone who has. When living in England, I myself was a victim, despite having an alarm system. The problem was, the system only detected motion on the ground floor. What it didn't cover was a robber climbing up to a bedroom window and simply raiding the valuables in there-TV, hi-fi, and even a beloved winter coat! My window had been smashed and my personal space violated. Luckily I was away at the time, but then, one must assume this is the very reason that my home was targetted-because I hadn't taken proper precautions to keep this fact hidden.

As of March this year, 4,498 burglary cases were reported throughout Malaysia, with a mayority occurring at night time. Almost every day there is at least on new incident reported, yet only a third of all cases are solved.

Dang Wangi CID Chief Deputy Supt Wan Ahmad Wan Abas cited carelessness as the main reason for being burgled. The mayjority of burglaries are 'crimes of passion', meaning the action is driven by temptation. People leave valuables on display, leave doors or windows open when out, or (as I did) go away without covering the signs that their home is unoccupied. These thieves are usually amateur or semi-professional, taking a chance, and will give up quickly if they encounter to much difficulties. They may be homeless, drugaddicts, or simply impoverished individuals for whom the temptation was to great. They will grab whatever they see to be valuable including clothes and shoes, which in my opinion is even more distressing for a victim than the theft of non-personal items like electricals.

The other type of burglar, the professional, will be much more precise in the targeted home. they will be certain of the type of valuables inside, and will have surveyed the house to ascertain when it is and isn't empty. More often than not, there is more than one person working together and the operation will be carried out with swift efficiency,unless the home-owner has really taken the proper precautions.

So what are the proper precautions to safeguard yoursely and your family? There are many simple ways to make a huge difference to the protection of your home. The best is to mix physical measures (practical devices such as alarms, fences etc) with visual deterrants (putting the burglar off by making your home appear occupied/lacking in valuables/well protected etc).

Friday, November 9, 2007

Semi-D Seputeh

Mutiara Seputeh Gated 3 storey semi-d with clubhouse facilities of gym/pool/sauna/Jacuzzi private garden 5 coming soon, Call Melissa 03-79570017/012-2346110

Semi-D @ Rm400,000 Semenyih

Bdr Tasik Kesuma, Semi-D with 4r3b, L/a 5250sq.ft., Very big house, value to buy, right now ovner selling below value, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

2sty Terrace @ Rm210,000 Semenyih

Bdr Tasik Kesuma, 2-sty Terrace/Link with 4r3b, B/u 22*70 sq.ft., L/a 3659 sq.ft., Corner Unit, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

2sty Terrace @ Rm180,000 Seri Kembangan

Bdr Putra Permai, 2-sty Terrace/Link with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Built-up area 1540 sq.ft, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

Prima Villa @ Rm880,000 Saujana Melawati

New 3 storey bungalow villa, 4+1r 4b, face South East, Freehold, Built up 3,130s.f., behind Zoo Negara Call Calvin 012-2098755/03-92810009

Shop-Office @ Rm1500 Salak Selatan

Built-up area 30*75 sq.ft., Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

Apt for Rent @ Rm400 Puchong

Tmn Kinrara (near Golf Club), Apartment with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, Unfurnished but it is vacant now, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030/03-91001457

Villa @ Rm120,000 Rent @ @ Rm600 Puchong Permal

Permai Villa, 3r2b, 920sf, Near Amenities Part Furnished, Call Sean 012-2020989, Jess 012-4220060

2sty Terrace @ Rm240,000 Puchong

Bdr Puchong Jaya, Opp. 101 mall. 2-sty Terrace/Link with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, Built-up area 16*85 sq.ft., Land Area 16*85 sq.ft., Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Prime Development

lands within conversion and approval within KL Golden Triangle and within Klang Valley, 1/2 acre-200 acres, Call Florence 03-79570017/016-3660505

2sty B'glow @ Rm1M Neg PJ SS2

d/s bungalow, f/h, L/a 4950sf, 5r3b, facing field, nr amenities, Call Carmen 012-3353338/78031590

2sty Semi-D @ Rm960K Neg PJ SS4

d/s semi-d, f/h, 5r3b, k/cab b/ins nr field & LRT, good condition, Call Carmen 012-3353338

3sty B'glow @ Rm5.9M PJ SS2

L/a 22,000sf, b/u 14,000sf, grand living hall with plano, lounge & SPA, s/pool, F/H, Call Melissa 03-79570017/012-2346110

2sty B'glow @ Rm1.65M PJ SS1

2sty b'glow long drive-way, L/a 3600sf, B/u 3900sf, F/h, Cul-de-sac, Call Melissa 03-79570017/012-2346110

3sty B'glow @ Rm1.15M Ono PJ SS1

3sty b'glow, L/a 5100sf, Big b/up, 5RMS, F/h, Call Melissa 03-79570017/012-2346110

@ Rm1.8 Neg PJ SS1

Beautifully crafted tropical paradise with 5+2 theatre rooms, 4b, Alfresco & entertainment areas with 6 covered car bays, l/q 8062 & 5k sf bu, Call Camen 012-335338/78031590

1sty B'glow @ Rm3.2M Neg PJ Off Jln Gasing

Large garden, L/a 30ksf, B/u 10ksf, Potential to rebuild, Call Melissa 03-79570017/012-2346110

Condo @ Rm248,000 PJ

Damansara Harmoni, Condo with 3r2b, B/u 1155 sq.ft., Facilities include, mini market, playground, sauna, swimming pool, 24hr security, Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030

1sty B'glow PJ

L/a 11,000sf, B/u 5,000sf, ideal for commercial eg: health & beauty care, showroom, office & etc, Call Florence 016-3660505

Apartment @ Rm500,000 Rent @ Rm2500 Peninsula Service Apartment

Fully furnished studio 1 room 700sf Hi Floor. Luxury & Privacy, Call Sean 012-2020989, Jess 012-4220060

Shop @ Rm280,000 Pandan Jaya

Lembah Maju, Shop Apt for sale, Built-up area 20*65 sq.sf., Call Eddie Toh 017-3311030