Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tangkas Arena is a sustainable, eco-friendly development for conscientious businesses.

Green Environment

This is the best time to invest in strategically located properties to garner better returns for your investment," says Tangkas Properties managing director Ir Yogi Wong. He believes properties are still a worthy investment, despite the current economic downturn.

"In spite of current economic uncertainties fuelled by increases in the inflation rate and rising living costs, history has proven that property investment is still a secure option, as seen in the appreciation of property prices in key locations over the last 30 years. The key lies in the location," adds Wong.

Understanding the needs of current property investors, Tangkas Properties has unveiled its latest project, Tangkas Arena - a new, eco-friendly light industrial property development, strategically located in the heart of UEP Industrial Park in Subang Jaya, which offers inves- tors peace of mind despite the current economic jitters.

Neighbours include Faber Castell, Behn Meyer, Transmark, Follow Me and Proton.

"With corporate forecasts highlighting the debilitating hike in inflation, Tangkas Arena's prime location properties offer not only efficient workflow, but more
importantly, smoother logistics and accessibility to garner more returns for tour investment," says Wong.

"What you get with Tangkas Arena is solid infrastructure, great location and good value for investment," Wong adds.

The development's modern units come with contemporary architecture, shifting away from stereotypical workshop-like units and set a new benchmark in industrial property development with designs that fuse form and practicality, providing tenants with a good corporate image.

Priced from RM2,995mil onwards for a typical unit of U,00Osq feet of built-up space, the freehold boutique development comprises 17 carefully planned three-storey units with practical layouts to accommodate factory operations, production workshops and internal logistics, due to be completed by 2011.

Through smart optimisatien of land area, these boutique units offer a synchronised and uninterrupted production space of 6,400sq feet by combining two levels, each with 3.200sq feet free space and a generous ceiling height. They are also fitted with a spacious twe-tonne goods tift.

In addressing concerns of convenience and strategic workflow, the goods lift is effectively located next to the entrance for uninterrupted flow of operations, just like at a large factory.

Each of the 17 units in Tangkas Arena comes with a separate Service Tower to ensure toilets and utility areas do not disrupt production activities,

Main eco-friendly features found in Tangkas Arena include:
> Superior Housemate thermal insulation system with Dew Styrofoam to reduce heat entering the building resulting in reduced energy consumption;
> Rainwater reservoir tanks to tap natural resources and reduce water usage;and
> Net-Metering system with Photovoltaic Cells (solar panels) for solar power to help reduce electricity charges. The Malaysia Building Integrated Photoveltaic (MBPIV) programme is promoted by Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (PTM) and is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Tangkas Arena's strategic location offers easy access to the Kesas and Pantai expressways.

Tangkas Arena is part of a string of successful commercial and industrial projects developed by Mudahjuta Industries Sdn Bhd, the firm behind the 3rd Mile Square project in Jalan Klang Lama.

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